Celebrating 15 years

Celebrating 15 years
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Back in 2006, TECLA was created with the desire to help others find ways to become better, and by doing so, become better ourselves.  A lot has changed during the time - we have experienced ups and downs (COVID-19 time included), but the initial vision has persisted and kept us going. Now, when we look back, we are proud – of our customers and the relationships we have built into friendships, of the TECLA team that has helped us not give up but continue, of everything we together have achieved.

To honor TECLA’s fifteenth year in business, we are sharing fifteen things learnt along the way.

1. People are the most valuable asset of every company – cherish them, help them grow. It is the only way a company can grow.
2. Nothing is guaranteed – at TECLA we work every day as if it were the first and the last. We strive to deserve a good day.
3. Proactivity of every individual on a team is the key to success – once there is a vision, every person can contribute by using their own creativity.
4. Purpose is what drives people to achieve results – the results yield further motivation.
5. Open your mind, heart and listen. Just listen.
6. Surround yourself with positive, driven and most of all, GOOD people.
7. Take care of yourself – body, mind, emotions. Only if you feel good, you can continue spreading good. (“The Human Factory” is our approach of how to do it).
8. When hard times hit – think positive and just do, to spite the hardship.
9. Plan ahead but never forget to live the present.
10. Keep learning and testing the learnt.
11. Staying small is the new big – growing does not necessarily mean growing in size, but also growing the people, growing the market, growing the customers. Doing more with less and staying consistent in quality.
12. Stop periodically, reflect and be grateful - “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie
13. Best marketing is a satisfied customer.
14. We drive our customers’ projects by cost / benefit. We also teach them that value is not always and necessarily money. It comes in different forms.
15. “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”.

THANK YOU all for trusting us. Without our people, customers and partners, we would not be sharing this story. Looking forward to the next chapter!