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PALESTRA TECLA – because we improve people.

Tecla is all about people, wonderful human beings who we appreciate, grow and motivate to improve. We invest into ambitious, smart and hard-working potentials, those who dream big, but are lacking knowledge and experience, to make their goals come true.

Since our first steps in the consulting business, we have been proudly working on:

  • Recruiting talents;
  • Introducing them into the World of Industrial Excellence – providing theoretical awareness and touch with the improvement methodologies;
  • Providing industrial platform for their practical and professional upbringing – plants where they get the chance to experience real, hands-on job, with the responsibilities to understand the processes, improve, manage the change and sustain the excellence.

We onboard, give opportunities, coach, train, monitor, guide and proudly watch those with little or no experience and skills at the beginning, becoming Continuous Improvement Leaders, Consultants and / or Tecla Industrial Coaches.

We do this for our own company and for our customers. We search for the best profiles, interview and recruit them together with the Customer, train them intensively at our plants (Tecla partners at manufacturing plants in Italy) or at Customers plant with 6-12 months on-the job programs.

TECLA OnBoard – because we improve businesses

Tecla has also been on the Board of Directors for customers, helping to manage and lead the companies from the inside, taking responsibility for the outcomes.

Being an external consultant is different than being a fresh set of eyes internally with the power to govern, participate in corporate investment and being responsible for its direction and results. Having expertise and success in managing plants, companies and corporations in different industries, Tecla has been trusted multiple times with this role.