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The need to improve is natural. Any organization that strives to be successful, competitive and profitable in the long term, must have leaders engaged in a constant urge to make things better. The quest for excellence will then become the guiding principle for the organization.

TECLA collaborates with industrial companies that recognize this need. We guide the HOW. Using our practical knowledge and international experience with world-renowned methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance, World Class Manufacturing or an approach tailored upon the customers individual needs, we support our customers on their way to reaching Industrial Excellence.

We do not sell a set of tools. We help our customers each step of the way achieve tangible results, create a learning organization, inspire behavioral & cultural change through purpose and focusing on the process and doing-to-make-it-happen approach. The culture where every employee is engaged and valued is a culture committed to accomplishments and one likely to achieve excellent results.

- is a structured approach to reaching Industrial Excellence with a “0” loss concepts and 8 Pillars supporting it. It starts focusing on production, where Value is found, but also Losses are created. The aim is to improve production performance by eliminating losses through coaching people to recognize and act on them. It expands from production to the overall organization later in the implementation phase. Results are accident safe organizations, breakdown free equipment and high-quality products due to the skilled and educated people.

Should an organization want to be recognized and formally assessed, the Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance (JIPM) provides Audits and TPM Excellence Awards. TECLA has supported many plants around the world with the TPM implementation, having 12 awarded.

– is a structured approach to reaching Industrial Excellence with 10 Technical and 10 Managerial Pillars within the WCM Temple. Focus is determined and prioritized by the Cost Deployment approach. Concept of “0” waste, accidents, breakdowns, and defects is a guiding principle for WCM organizations. It is an approach developed at its highest level by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles starting from 2005, having all the group companies following the Way, in addition to others joining in the recent years.

TECLA has supported FIAT-owned plants (Fiat, CNH, Iveco, Magneti Marelli, Automotive Lighting) and suppliers and other companies within the association across the globe with the WCM implementation, having more than a dozen plants awarded bronze, silver or gold WCM level awards.

– Each and every organization is unique in its essence and deserves such an approach. TECLA, therefore, uses years of best practice applications to design customized customer paths to Excellence - simple and clear.