Giovanna Fiorillo

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Director at Tecla Plastiche Italiane, Italy
Giovanna holds a Bachelor of Laws degree. She started building up her career much before graduating, at a very early age, at a family owned Service Company. She had been in charge of Sales, Customer Service and Accounting. At that same time, for two years, she was a journalist for the local newspapers, showing her writing and creative skills as well.
She joined Tecla as a very important person in its business organization and administration, helping it grow, taking care of its legal aspects. She has been in charge of the company’s book keeping and accounting ever since.
Starting from the beginning of the year, she has been a Director at Tecla Plastiche Italiane – a family owned injection molding business. It is located in the South of Italy, producing plastic parts for Automotive, Aeronautical, Electronic, Agricultural and Household applications.